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Creating the time you need for optimal care.

We do not accept health insurance. There is a very good reasoning behind it. Your visit is in depth, and bypasses the standard process that involves insurance,  so we have the time to review your medical concerns that have been present unresolved despite seeing multiple health providers in the past.  Our service would be no different if we were dictated by the restrictive demands of insurance companies in providing patient care. This gives us the freedom to really do what is necessary to address your health concerns. 

  • Visits include comprehensive history and gynecological examination. We even write down the plan of care so that you do not have to worry about remembering all the recommendations that were discussed(studies show that the patients forget substantial amount of matter that was discussed in the medical consultations).
  • We spend about 60 minutes with you for initial consulatation and 40 minutes for follow-up visits. Sometimes more based on your needs. 
  • We personally answer  your questions or concerns after the visit through the portal.
  • Being a certified coach Dr. Yasmin can guide you through your journey with positive lifestyle changes to complement other therapies in a holistic manner.
  • We collaborate with other specialists if needed.
  • Because we are able to spend so much time you are always assured of a highly personalized care.
  • For the most part you will be able to use your insurance to cover prescriptions, lab work and imaging studies like mammogram or ultrasound tests.
  • You can use HSA/FSA account for the visits.


The consultation fee is payable prior to the visit.

  • Initial office in-person consultation – $350.
  • Follow up office in-person visit – $250, on occasions where it requires complex decision making/prolonged visit you may be charged $300.
  • Telemedicine consults-
  • Initial Telemedicine consult – $350.
  • Follow up Telemedicine visit – $250.

If you cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance then it is fully refundable otherwise, you will forfeit $100.

Hormone Optimization

in Menopause

Low Libido

Orgasmic Disorder

Vulvo - vaginal Pain

Intimate Pain


A Consultation Today

Now is the time to create time to sit down with a doctor who is going to take the time to get to know you and learn about your medical concerns in a thorough and thoughtful way.