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Meeting Dr. Yasmin changed my life! For years I had been complaining about my intimacy issues and was dismissed by my doctors. Dr. Yasmin not only heard me but understood my complaints. She gave me hope and restored my quality of life. I am so grateful I found her. Dr. Yasmin is a doctor that truly cares about you as a human being not just patient #... she is concerned about you and your needs! I highly recommend her and the services she offers.
Sherry S
Dr. Yasmin has been a blessing in my life. After struggling with endometriosis for years, I was just frustrated with constant pain. Dr. Yasmin and her team helped me to understand my body better and how I could take control over my pain. She has been so easy to talk to about all my very personal experiences and feelings. I just love her and our chats! Who says that about just any doctor? She has a way of thinking outside the box and will help me when my insurance company doesn’t want to! Go see Dr. Yasmin! She will change your life!
Clover S
After several years of telling my Dr's that I had what seemed to be abnormally low libido (I thought I was strange in my mid 30's). Not one of them was willing to help me in the slightest and even suggested it was normal. Thankfully a friend suggested I seek Dr.Yasmin and OMG I cannot thank that person enough! Dr Yasmin explained the physiology of the woman's mind, body, hormones and told me how she could help me depending on the course of action I chose. Yes she gave me several. Key point, she was excited and confident she could help me!!! After working with Dr. Yasmin my life has seriously changed. I am so happy with her caring and compassionate manner, the time she would spend with me to make sure I was taken care of and happy with the care she was providing. There are options for women out there...Finally!
Megmaggie M
I have had the unique pleasure of being a patient of both Dr. Yasmin and Dr. Rajesh: Dr. Yasmin, as my OBGYN doctor through two pregnancies and post-childbirth care, and Dr. Rajesh as my internal medicine doctor. I am extremely pleased with, and impressed by, the high level of personalized care they both provide. I felt completely accepted by Dr. Rajesh when I was seeing him for my routine health exams. He’s kind, listens without judgement, and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his patients. My 68-year-old father was also a patient of Dr. Rajesh for a few years before he moved, and he absolutely loved Rajesh. I’ve never heard my father speak so positively about any other doctor he’s had. As a long-time patient of Dr. Yasmin (10 years), I can credibly say that she is greatly attuned to enhancing the health of the whole individual by creating a safe and loving environment that allows for healing and personal growth to occur. She is very easy to talk to about private matters (and immensely supportive). Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Yasmin are exceptionally knowledgeable and are practicing medicine with the intention of enhancing overall life, not just treating physical ailments. Their type of professional assistance (personalized intimate healthcare), in my opinion, cannot be found within the conventional insurance-based medical industry. This is why I trust Alray (Rajesh and Yasmin) and I highly recommend their health services.
Stacy M
I highly recommend Dr. Yasmin! She’s amazing, truly cares about my well-being and helped me get my life back! I was living with horrible pain every day for months, and saw multiple doctors with no answers, before finally finding Dr. Yasmin who knew exactly what my diagnosis was and could help me. I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, and was living with constant vaginal burning pain that greatly decreased my quality of life. When other doctors treated me for a yeast infection and couldn’t explain why the horrible burning pain was still present after months of yeast treatments, Dr. Yasmin knew exactly how to help me! Even though there is no cure for vulvodynia, she has worked with me every step of the way to find a combination of treatments to help relieve my symptoms and get me back to living my life pain free (and without the need for prescription opioids). Dr. Yasmin takes the time to really listen to me and I know she cares deeply about me and all her patients. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Dr. Yasmin!
Jenni H
Dr. Yasmin has been my doctor for the past several years. Fortunately, a local gyn referred me to Dr. Yasmin because she did not know how to treat my complex and multiple symptoms. I went into my first visit with Dr. Yasmin with very high expectations and throughout my time of being a patient of Dr. Yasmin's, she has always taken fabulous care of me. Challenges I have dealt with include vulvodynia, painful intercourse, and hot flashes. Due to an abnormal breast biopsy, I have to be very cautious with any hormones. Dr. Yasmin has been very conscientious about hormones and worked with me to control my symptoms and improve my quality of life. Dr. Yasmin's treatment enabled me to be pain free and enjoy a health sex life. I am a physician with a very complex medical history and could not recommend Dr. Yasmin more highly.
Dr. Yasmin is AMAZING! I had seen a few different providers before her, and she was the first one to accurately diagnose my problem. I am no longer having pain, burning, red, irritated skin in the vaginal area. My quality of life and sexual intimacy issues were thoughtfully, compassionately, and thoroughly treated (even after menopause). She got to the "root" of the problem, because of her extensive knowledge, and caring/compassionate attitude. MUCH quality time was spent with me. I would highly recommend her, and I continue to "see" her through Telemedicine (even though she moved to another state)!:) She is definitely "one in a million."
Wendy H

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